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HL00642139 Sam Bush All about HL00642139 Sam Bush All about
A modern-day mandolin master takes a learning player through a variety of tunes, keys and styles, from classic bluegrass to contemporary originals. Sam includes plenty of advice, exercises, warm-ups and other vital information about lead...
29,20 € *
HL00642138 Sam Bush All about HL00642138 Sam Bush All about
HAL LEONARD HL00642138 Sam Bush All About Rhythm Mandolin Sam Bush's rhythm playing is without peer in the world of the mandolin - part bluegrass, part reggae, part rock 'n' roll. Here, he shows all aspects of his style: chopping,...
28,85 € *
HL00641950 Intermediate Blue- HL00641950 Intermediate Blue-
If you've already tried a little Bluegrass Jamming, found your first few chords and tested a handful of tunes, Pete Wernick and an All-Star Bluegrass Band now give you the chance to progress to the next level. With ample soloing...
29,20 € *
HL00641661 Mandolin + Bouzouki HL00641661 Mandolin + Bouzouki
Tim O'Brien's course will be a boon to mandolin and bouzouki players who want to improve their technique, develop ideas and learn new repertoire. Whether he's breaking down a irish slip jig, an old time mountain ballad, a bluegrass tune...
29,20 € *
HL00641585 Sam Bush Method HL00641585 Sam Bush Method
HL00641585 Sam Bush Mandolin Method 2 DVD Set In addition to being one of the world's greatest bluegrass musicians, Sam Bush is a clear and dynamic instructor. This terrific two-part series will help aspiring mandoling players improve...
46,40 € *
HL00641558 Bluegrass Jamming HL00641558 Bluegrass Jamming
HAL LEONARD HL00641558 Bluegrass jamming with Pete Wernick with Nick Forster, Guitar; Michael Kang, Fiddle; Ben Kaufman, Bass; Sally Van Meter, Dobro; Eric Walser, Mandolin; Pete Wernick, Banjo; Joan 'Nondi' Wernick, Vocals Pete Wernick...
29,20 € *
DAB1 Alan Bibey DAB1 Alan Bibey
Since first hitting the scene with New Quicksilver in the early 1980s, Alan Bibey has been making a name for himself as one of the most creative and technically gifted mandolinist in bluegrass and acoustic music. Subsequent recordings...
28,26 € *
HL00642157 Mike Marshall HL00642157 Mike Marshall
An Interactive Play-Along Session for Tonality and Improvisation. Gain an understanding of Mandolin fretboard, music theory, technique and improvisation through the use of arpeggios. Special play-alongs with Mike and a top rhythm section...
29,20 € *
DPP5 Bluegrass Jamming Essenti DPP5 Bluegrass Jamming Essenti
If you want to learn about playing in a bluegrass band, you couldn't do much better than this bunch! This top-notch band demonstrates the basics of playing in a bluegrass band, plus dozens of tips and tricks that will make you a more...
31,68 € *
HL00641759 Learn to play blues HL00641759 Learn to play blues
Learn to play traditional blues and old-time string band music on the mandolin. Steve James knows this music and its history well, and he brings it clearly into focus on this lesson filled with 'ful-lovin' high jinks. Steve starts out...
29,20 € *
HL00641669 Sam Bush HL00641669 Sam Bush
Sam Bush details the dominant mandolin styles from Bill Monroe to Newgrass! He demonstrates powerful techniques while teaching ten classic tunes: Paddy on the Turnpike  Gray Eagle  Sugarfoot Rag  Sapporo  Bill Cheatham  East...
28,85 € *
HL00642181 Basic Techniques of HL00642181 Basic Techniques of
DVD Sprache Englisch 1 Std 40 Minuten veröffentlicht 2012 The mandolin has had a long and rich history in the world of classical music. Many composers, including Vivaldi, Beethoven and Mozart, wrote works for the instrument and its...
29,20 € *
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