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MB22027DVD Henry Vamping MB22027DVD Henry Vamping
'Vamping - Beginning Banjo Backup Learn how to vamp to all the songs on our Beginners' Banjo Videos. And what is vamping? When you vamp on the banjo, you are playing just chords, no melody. Vamping is what you do when the other person is...
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MB21702DVD Beginning Banjo 1 MB21702DVD Beginning Banjo 1
'If you've never played banjo before, this is the place to start! We teach you all the basics of Scruggs-style three-finger bluegrass banjo picking. We use no tablature because each tune is explained note-by-note. Develop your ear as you...
16,33 € * 32,12 € *
MB21703DVD Beginning Banjo 2 MB21703DVD Beginning Banjo 2
Build on what you learned in Volume 1. More advanced tunes teach the harder basic licks. We move up the neck to play several tunes. No Tab. Includes Foggy Mountain Breakdown (high break), Lonesome Road Blues, Old Joe Clark, Salt Creek,...
18,03 € * 36,06 € *
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