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MB99246M Everything you want MB99246M Everything you want
MB99246M Ken Perlman Everything you wanted to know about Clawhammer Banjo One of the worlds top players addresses nearly every aspect of the popular 5-string banjo style known as clawhammer or frailing. Chapter themes include...
34,80 € *
HL00244649 First 15 Banjo Less HL00244649 First 15 Banjo Less
HL00244649 First 15 Banjo Lessons Kristin Scott Benson The First 15 Lessons series provides a step-by-step lesson plan for the absolute beginner, complete with audio tracks, video lessons, and real songs! Designed for self-teaching or...
11,15 € *
D907 Banjo spielen 5 String D907 Banjo spielen 5 String
Sebastian Schröder Banjo spielen! Die umfassende Schule für das 5-String Banjo auf deutsch. Für Beginner & Profis Alle Stile & Techniken Einfache Tabulatur Besetzung: Banjo (5 saitig) Ob mit zwei oder drei Fingern, Plektrum oder...
42,80 € *
OK64789 Banjo Players Songbook OK64789 Banjo Players Songbook
Tim Jumper. Over 200 great songs arranged for the five-string banjo complete with lyrics for each song. Includes folk songs, sentimental favourites, song of the sea, fiddle tunes, and much more. Spiralbindung
27,95 € *
MB20190M Clawhammer Banjo Scra MB20190M Clawhammer Banjo Scra
MB20190M Dan Levenson Clawhammer Banjo From Scratch Southern Appalachian native Dan Levenson and Mel Bay Publications present Clawhammer Banjo from Scratch - A Guide for the Claw-less! This book teaches clawhammer banjo the way we play,...
20,80 € *
HL00118354 Clawhammer Cookbook HL00118354 Clawhammer Cookbook
Whether you're explaining how to cook food or make great music, there are two approaches that can be taken to writing a cookbook. One way is to give the reader a bunch of recipes and explain 'here's how to make the dish'. Another way is...
20,95 € *
MB21432M Gospel Tunes MB21432M Gospel Tunes
MelBay MD21432M Gospel Tunes For Clawhammer Banjo Welcome to Gospel Tunes for Clawhammer Banjo. After many years of requests by you and the publisher, I have made this collection of Gospel favorites available to those of you who play the...
20,90 € *
MB96755M Oldtime Gospel MB96755M Oldtime Gospel
Mel Bay MB96755M Old Tome Gospel Banjo Solos Buch mit Online Audio This book presents 31 of the most-loved old-time gospel songs arranged in the three-finger style, complete with musical notation, banjo tablature, chords and lyrics. Each...
23,70 € *
GS2001 Duelling Banjos Banjo GS2001 Duelling Banjos Banjo
Noten und Tabulaturen für Gitarre und Banjo Duelling Banjos von dem Film Deliverance Based on 'Feudin' Banjos' written by Arthur Smith From the film 'Deliverance,' all the fun of the movie's original soundtrack is presented in this...
7,95 € *
Earl Scruggs 5-String Banjo Earl Scruggs 5-String Banjo
HAL LEONARD HL00695764 Earl Scruggs and the five string banjo nur das BUch (book only) A fully revised and enhanced edition of the world-famous Earl Scruggs method - the best selling Banjo tutor in the world! The Earl Scruggs method has...
29,50 € *
HL00153311 50 Songs Banjo HL00153311 50 Songs Banjo
HL00153311 First 50 Songs you should play on Banjo 25 Clawhammer and 25 Three Finger Style Arrangements Michael J. Miles & Greg Cahill If you're new to the 5-string banjo, you're probably eager to learn some songs. This book provides...
15,30 € *
HL00129699 Play Pete Seeger HL00129699 Play Pete Seeger
HL00129699 Pete Seeger Banjo Play Along mit CD The Banjo Play-Along Series will help you play your favorite songs quickly and easily with incredible backing tracks to help you sound like a bona fide pro! Just follow the banjo tab, listen...
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