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MB21639M Modern 5string Banjo MB21639M Modern 5string Banjo
Melbay MB21639M Modern 5-string Banjo Method Grade 1 by Alan Munde This method is designed for learning the finger style five-string banjo in a larger musical context than previous single style based methods. The Modern 5-String Banjo...
23,65 € *
MB99246M Everything you want MB99246M Everything you want
MB99246M Ken Perlman Everything you wanted to know about Clawhammer Banjo One of the worlds top players addresses nearly every aspect of the popular 5-string banjo style known as clawhammer or frailing. Chapter themes include...
34,80 € *
HL00000326 Banjo Tony Ellis HL00000326 Banjo Tony Ellis
Hal Leonard HL00000326The Banjo Music of Tony Elllis One of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys in the 1960s, Tony Ellis is among the most renowned banjo players around. This superb book assembles songs from four highly acclaimed CDs – Dixie...
23,60 € *
HL00641944 Banjo All Star Blue HL00641944 Banjo All Star Blue
HalLeonard HL00641944 Banjo All Star Bluegrass Jam Along These fabulous collections for players of all levels feature 21 must-know bluegrass songs & instrumentals, created especially for learning players by the genre's leading artists....
23,60 € *
MB20850BCD Parking Lot Pickers MB20850BCD Parking Lot Pickers
MelBay MB20850BCD Banjo Parking Lot Pickers Songbook A collection of over 200 great bluegrass, old time, country and gospel standards. Melodies are presented with standard notation and tablature along with lyrics and chords. Learn to...
33,50 € *
MB21549BCD School of Banjo MB21549BCD School of Banjo
The melodic style is a beautiful three finger picking style which can be traced to the early 1900's and became a fully accepted style for playing the five-string banjo in the 1960's, and is today an integral part of the three-finger...
19,50 € *
MB21028BCD Fiddle Tunes for MB21028BCD Fiddle Tunes for
Fiddle Tunes for Banjo Made Easy is a collection of must-know, easy-to-learn bluegrass instrumental standards. Ross records each song at three speeds and also includes a rhythm backup track. The slow speed is ideal for hearing the notes...
17,50 € *
SM11056 Celtic Collection for SM11056 Celtic Collection for
Eine großartige Sammlung von Spielstücken der Keltischen Musik. Darunter zählen die traditionellen Tanzweisen des europäischen Nordens, insbesondere der Länder Irland, Schottland und der Bretagne. Oliver Waitze hat diese Musik...
36,80 € *
0384B UBS Bluegrass Banjo 0384B UBS Bluegrass Banjo
Alfred 0384B Bluegrass Banjo Basics Dennis Caplinger Learn the basics of this popular instrument in an authentic and traditional style with virtuoso Dennis Caplinger. All techniques and basics are taught specifically with the standards...
19,95 € *
Earl Scruggs 5-String Banjo Earl Scruggs 5-String Banjo
HAL LEONARD HL00695764 Earl Scruggs and the five string banjo nur das BUch (book only) A fully revised and enhanced edition of the world-famous Earl Scruggs method - the best selling Banjo tutor in the world! The Earl Scruggs method has...
29,50 € *
HL0000325 Early Minstrel Banjo HL0000325 Early Minstrel Banjo
Featuring more than 65 classic songs, this fascinating book teaches you how to play the minstrel banjo like the players who were part of various popular troupes in 1865. Also included is a short history of the banjo in the US in the...
26,50 € *
HL00000221 Minstrel Banjo HL00000221 Minstrel Banjo
Brigg's Banjo Instructor Hal Leonard HL00000221 Minstrel Banjo A book of intabulations of music for the Civil War-era (or Minstrel) Banjo. Brigg's Banjo Instructor (1855) was the first complete published method for the Banjo. It is...
15,60 € *
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