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HL00381542 Early Pete Seeger HL00381542 Early Pete Seeger
Hal Leonard HL00381542 EARLY PETE SEEGER BANJO TECHNIQUES Autor: Joseph Weidlich 44 Seiten Sprache Englisch Pete Seeger took an interest in playing the 5-string banjo when he was 16 years old after he heard it played at the 1935...
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ALF44935 Intermediate Banjo ALF44935 Intermediate Banjo
Alfred ALF0044935 Intermediate Banjo Ned Luberecki Sprache: Englisch 64 Seiten mit Online access Video und Audio Intermediate Banjo is great for banjo players who have learned the basics and are ready to take the next step. It covers...
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ALF44938 Mastering Banjo ALF44938 Mastering Banjo
Alfred ALF0044938 Masterring Banjo Ned Luberecki Sprache: Englisch 64 Seiten mit Online access Video und Audio Mastering Banjo gives you all the tools to master the banjo. Learn advanced approaches to major and minor scales, continue...
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NGB1041 Companion Bluegrass NGB1041 Companion Bluegrass
Melbay NGB1041 Companion to Bluegrass banjo Wayne Erbsen Buch mit CD Sprache Englisch 96 Seiten This friendly workbook is a companion and continuation of Bluegrass Banjo for the Complete Ignoramus! but is NOT a stand-alone book; make...
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HL00102743 Scruggs Banjo HL00102743 Scruggs Banjo
Hal Leonard HL00102743 The Earl Scruggs Banjo Songbook Diese Sammlung enthält Tabs für Earls Banjo-Breaks, Intros und Tags sowie vollständige Banjo-Instrumentaltranskriptionen für über 80 Melodien aus seiner Aufnahmekarriere. Es enthält...
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MB21639M Modern 5string Banjo MB21639M Modern 5string Banjo
Melbay MB21639M Modern 5-string Banjo Method Grade 1 by Alan Munde This method is designed for learning the finger style five-string banjo in a larger musical context than previous single style based methods. The Modern 5-String Banjo...
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MB99246M Everything you want MB99246M Everything you want
MB99246M Ken Perlman Everything you wanted to know about Clawhammer Banjo One of the worlds top players addresses nearly every aspect of the popular 5-string banjo style known as clawhammer or frailing. Chapter themes include...
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HL00000326 Banjo Tony Ellis HL00000326 Banjo Tony Ellis
Hal Leonard HL00000326The Banjo Music of Tony Elllis One of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys in the 1960s, Tony Ellis is among the most renowned banjo players around. This superb book assembles songs from four highly acclaimed CDs – Dixie...
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HL00116844 Blues Banjo Lessons HL00116844 Blues Banjo Lessons
Hal Leaonard HL00116844 Blues Banjo Lessons, Licks, Riffs, Songs & More by Fred Sokolow Bestselling author Fred Sokolow teaches you how to play blues on the banjo with this instructional book and audio pack! You'll learn: how to play the...
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30227 Banjo A to Z 30227 Banjo A to Z
Alfred 30227 Banjo A to Z by Dick Weissman 5-String Banjo von A-Z! Von den grundlegenden bis zu den anspruchsvollen Spieltechniken reicht dieser Lehrgang. Stilistisch deckt er von Bluegrass bis Reggae und Bossa Nova alles ab, was das...
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057153726X The Banjo Playlist 057153726X The Banjo Playlist
The Banjo Playlist: Blue Book is a fantastic selection of over 30 classic songs to play and sing, specially arranger for the beginner banjo player. Contains classics from Jonny Cash, Woody Guthrie and Bill Monroe, with a handful of more...
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MB94429 You can teach your MB94429 You can teach your
This is the ideal beginner's book, presenting the basics of playing the 5-string banjo is a way that is both fun and produces quick results. Janet Davis takes you on an extensive tour of this instrument's fundamental techniques as well...
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