MB96660M Round Peak Style

MB96660M Round Peak Style
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This book presents more than 70 tunes in the unique highly developed clawhammer style known... mehr
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This book presents more than 70 tunes in the unique highly developed clawhammer style known as 'Round Peak' -named after the Blue Ridge Mountain, North Carolina community where it originated. While not intended for the absolute beginner, this book will benefit players at various experience levels. Tunes in the book are organized according to the specific banjo tuning used, with A and D tunings most prominent. Much of the book's commentary and the included Audio download available onlinev is directed towards the fretless variant of the 5-string banjo but as these tunes are written in standard 5-string banjo tablature, they can most definitely be played on the more common fretted instrument. Includes tune lyrics and extensive historical and biographical notes plus technical tips and a discography. Written in 5-string banjo tablature only.

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102 Seiten


Arkansas Traveler   
Backstep Cindy (Step Back Cindy)   
Big-Eyed Rabbit   
Breaking Up Christmas   
Chilly Winds   
Cluck Old Hen   
Cotton-Eyed Joe   
Cripple Creek   
Darling Nellie Grey   
Ducks on the Mill Pond   
Fall on My Knees (Lonesome Road)   
Fire on the Mountain   
Fisher's Hornpipe   
Forkey Deer   
Frankie Baker (Frankie and Albert)   
Greasy String   
Ida Red   
John Brown's Dream   
John Hardy   
John Henry   
June Apple   
Kitty Clyde (Katy Cline)   
Let Me Fall (Old Hard Road)   
Little Maggie   
Lonesome Road Blues (Going down the Road Feeling Bad)   
Mississippi Sawyer   
New River Train   
Old Buck (Paddy on the Turnpike)   
Old Bunch of Keys   
Old Jimmy Sutton   
Old Joe Clark   
Old Molly Hare   
Old-Time Backstep Cindy   
Old-Time Ruben   
Old-Time Sally Ann   
Piney Woods Gal   
Polly Put the Kettle On   
Poor Ellen Smith   
Pretty Little Gal   
Pretty Polly   
Richmond Cotillion   
Rickett's Hornpipe   
Rochester Schottische (Walking in the Parlor)   
Rockingham Cindy   
Round Town Gals (Buffalo Gals)   
Ruben (Train 45)   
Sally Ann   
Say Darling Say   
Shortening Bread   
Soldier's Joy (Love Somebody)   
Sourwood Mountain   
Stay All Night   
Stillhouse (Cider)   
Sugar Hill   
Susananna Gal   
Sweet Sunny South   
The Blackest Crow (My Dearest Sweetheart)   
The Bravest Cowboy   
The Joke on the Puppy (Rye Straw)   
The Tater Patch Tune   
The Wreck of the Old 97   
The Yellow Rose of Texas   
They Say that It's Sinful to Flirt (Willie My Darling)   
Train on the Island   
Tumblin Gap (Cumberland Gap)   
Walking in My Sleep

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