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HL00697230 Dulcimer Method HL00697230 Dulcimer Method
Hal Leonard HL00697230 Dulcimer Method Buch 2nd Edition und online Audio The Hal Leonard Dulcimer Method is designed for anyone just learning to play the mountain (Appalachian) dulcimer, but is equally useful to the intermediate player....
26,99 € *
MLB99537M Fingerp. Dulcimer MLB99537M Fingerp. Dulcimer
This collection by Janita Baker contains 21 songs arranged in a fingerpicking style for the mountain Dulcimer. Fingerpicking Dulcimer offers a wide variety of musical genres and playing levels. Divided equally between arrangements for...
20,95 € *
MB30487BCD 20 Irish Tunes MB30487BCD 20 Irish Tunes
20 Irish Tunes and Songs for Mountain Dulcimer DAD Tuning (Book/CD Set) by Madeline MacNeil The music of Ireland has inspired us for centuries. The DAD tuning is a favorite of mountain dulcimer players, and this book with accompanying...
22,50 € *
MB95530M Appalachian Dulcimer MB95530M Appalachian Dulcimer
MelBay MD95530M Complete Book Of Celtic Music for Appalachian Dulcimer Mark Nelson's knowledge and love of Celtic music is immediately evident through his choice of tunes for this comprehensive book. Harp music, the piper's repertoire,...
34,80 € *
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