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ED0227 Tin Whistle Weihnachts- ED0227 Tin Whistle Weihnachts-
10,50 € *
ED0226 Tin Whistle Kinder ED0226 Tin Whistle Kinder
10,50 € *
ED0222 Tin Whistle Band 1 ED0222 Tin Whistle Band 1
10,50 € *
MB99129BCD The Essential Tin MB99129BCD The Essential Tin
For beginner, novice and intermediate tin whistle player. 192 Seiten mit CD Sprache Englisch
30,95 € *
OK65006 The Complete Irish OK65006 The Complete Irish
This is a comprehensive detailed approach to playing Irish music on the tinwhistle. It contains information on technique and style that more advanced players will also find useful. There are over seventy dance tunes and airs suitable...
18,50 € *
MB97205BCD Celtic Back-Up MB97205BCD Celtic Back-Up
This book teaches the most crucial function of a chord instrument in the Celtic seisún (session)- that of playing tasteful, interesting, imaginative, and supportive improvised accompaniment. Celtic Back-Up presents accurate and directly...
23,95 € *
OMB73 Traditional Slow Airs of OMB73 Traditional Slow Airs of
This book is a major collection of traditional Irish Slow airs that captures the essence and beauty of Irish traditional music. Included in the 118 airs that make up this fabulous compilation, are some of the great sean-nos (old style)...
33,50 € *
OMB106 An Irish Whistlle Tune OMB106 An Irish Whistlle Tune
Forty-two Of The Finest Old Irish Dance Tunes, Song Airs And O'carolan Pieces In Easy Setting And Easy Traditional Keys (D, G & A). Suitable For Beginners On Most Traditional Instruments.
10,95 € *
MB20662 A Celtic Tinwhistle MB20662 A Celtic Tinwhistle
Here's a book you'll be pulling off the shelf for many Christmases to come. A Tinwhistle Christmas is a treasury of 24 Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English holiday carols all suitably adorned with Celtic calligraphy. Simple duets for two...
8,95 € *
MB96191BCD Irish Tin MB96191BCD Irish Tin
An extremely well-written, thorough study into contemporary and traditional tinwhistle music and performance. Included are chapters on fundamentals, ornamentation and more. Includes an accompaniment CD 144 Seiten Sprache Englisch A Fig...
26,50 € *
OMB85 Irish Session Tunes OMB85 Irish Session Tunes
The Blue Book contains over 100 Irish Dance Tunes and Airs, selected and arranged into Sets by Brid Cranitch. This collection contains a varied selection of widely played and lesser known tunes, divided into different dance rhythms:...
22,90 € *
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