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MB22228 Left-Handed Mandolin MB22228 Left-Handed Mandolin
An extremely handy chord reference guide, specifically for the mandolin, showing basic major and minor chords in all keys. Relative minor chord relationships are also shown. A unique additional feature of this premium chart is the...
4,95 € *
MB30628 Left Mandolin Chords MB30628 Left Mandolin Chords
Mel Bay MB30628 Left-Handed Mandolin Chords Comprehensive and easily understood, this essential Mel Bay resource is arranged in photo, notation and chord diagram form for maximum ease of use by left-handed mandolinists of all playing...
16,75 € *
1930s Coutry Mandolin 1930s Coutry Mandolin
Centrerstream HL00234819 1930S COUNTRY MANDOLIN: BLUEGRASS ROOTS Author: Joseph Weidlich Examine the development of country mandolin performance during the 1930s with this book by Joseph Weidlich. During that decade, the mandolin became...
28,99 € *
HL00141053 Mandolin Fakebook HL00141053 Mandolin Fakebook
Hal Leonard HL00141053 THE HAL LEONARD MANDOLIN FAKE BOOK 300 Songs 456 Seiten Softcover Ringbindung Songliste: The A Team After You ve Gone Afternoon Delight Against The Wind Ain t No Sunshine Ain t She Sweet Al Di La Alabama Jubilee...
55,99 € *
HL00696443 Roots and Blues Man HL00696443 Roots and Blues Man
Hal Leonard HL00699443 ROOTS AND BLUES MANDOLIN mit Online Audio Access Learn the Essentials of Blues Mandolin – Rhythm and Lead – By Playing Classic Songs Series: String Letter Publishing Publisher: String Letter Media Format: Softcover...
24,99 € *
Mandolin Method Book 2 Mandolin Method Book 2
Hal Leonard HL00125222 Mandolin Method Book 2by Rich Delgrosso Softcover mit Audio Online Author: Rich DelGrosso Just like Book 1, Book 2 of The Hal Leonard Mandolin Method is designed for anyone just learning to play mandolin. This...
17,70 € *
MLB96863M Bluegrass Breaks MLB96863M Bluegrass Breaks
MelBay MB96863M Bluegrass Breaks: Mandolin Book with Online Audio This book by Dix Bruce contains a collection of Mandolin solos that span a range of styles and levels of difficulty and are aimed at advanced beginners to...
23,65 € *
MB22086M The Mandolin Pickers MB22086M The Mandolin Pickers
Mel Bay MB22086M The Mandolin Picker's Guide to Bluegrass Improvisation (Book+Online Audio) by Jesper Rubner-Petersen A new book on improvisation is now available for bluegrass mandolin players. Based on the concept of learning by...
29,30 € *
NGB207 Bluegrass Jamming on NGB207 Bluegrass Jamming on
Bluegrass Jamming on Mandolin is the first of a new series of easy and fun books by Wayne Erbsen that teaches 31 bluegrass jam standards. It covers: how to jam with others, how to improvise and make up your own tasteful licks and fills,...
26,45 € *
HL00699913 Ultimate Mandolin HL00699913 Ultimate Mandolin
HL00699913 The Ultimate Mandolin Songbook with Online Audio contains multiple versions varying in difficulty of 26 of the most popular songs from bluegrass, jazz, ragtime, rock, pop, gospel, swing and other genres, in both standard...
41,20 € *
MB97173 Chris Thile Stealing MB97173 Chris Thile Stealing
Chris Thile's amazing talent is evident in this entertaining collection of 13 original note-for-note transcribtions of mandolin solos featured on the sensational Sugar Hill CD Stealing Second. Written in notation and tablature. Track #14...
23,75 € *
HL00641945 Allstar Bluegrass J HL00641945 Allstar Bluegrass J
HalLeonard HL00641945 Allstar Bluegrass Jam Along Mandolin These fabulous collections for players of all levels feature 21 must-know bluegrass songs & instrumentals, created especially for learning players by the genre's leading artists....
31,50 € *
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