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HL00285481 Classical Mandolin HAL LEONARD - HL00285481 Classical Mandolin
HL00285481 Classical Mandolin for non classical players a practical approach Joseph Weidlich The focus of this book is on American mandolin music that was published in 1900 during the Golden Age of the Mandolin in the United States...
26,45 € *
Felix Schell - SM6500 Mandolinen Schule Felix Schell - SM6500 Mandolinen Schule
Ausführliche Schule für Einsteiger und Quereinsteiger. Mit vielen Spielstücken aus Pop und Folk und einem großen Repertoire an Solo- und Begleittechniken. 110 S., Noten/ TAB, mit CD. Das umfassende Standardwerk für das Mandolinenspiel...
28,95 € *
Schell Music - SM11080 Turlough O Carolan Schell Music - SM11080 Turlough O Carolan
von Hans Landau. Die besten O'Carolan-Klassiker für Mandoline-solo. 03 Huleth's Health 04 Kean O'Hara's 3rd Air 05 Bridget Cruise 3rd Air 05 Kean O'Hara's 1rd Air 06 Lady Gethin 07 Lady Blayney 08 Morgan Megan 09 Mrs. Costello 10...
17,95 € *
SM11084 Jingle Bells Zupforche Schell Music - SM11084 Jingle Bells Zupforche
Konzertstück für Zupforchester (mit Kopierlizenz) Jingle Bells, heute ein bekanntes Weihnachtslied, geht zurück auf eine Komposition von James Lord Piermont (1822-93) mit dem Titel 'The One Horse Open Sleigh' ('Der einspännige...
39,95 € *
Absolute Beginners Mandolin Amsco Publications - Absolute Beginners Mandolin
Amsco Publications AM985798 The Absolute Beginners award-winning method has been designed to make learning the Mandolin easier than ever before! Step-by-step pictures take you from first day exercises to playing your first complete...
15,95 € *
MLB20835M Getting in Jazz Mand Mel Bay - MLB20835M Getting in Jazz Mand
MLB20835M Getting into Jazz Mandolin Ted Eschliman Book and Online Audio Getting Into Jazz Mandolin is a breakthrough approach that takes four uncomplicated fretboard patterns (FFcP) and drills a physical familiarity into the player's...
22,50 € *
MB97205BCD Celtic Back-Up Mel Bay - MB97205BCD Celtic Back-Up
This book teaches the most crucial function of a chord instrument in the Celtic seisún (session)- that of playing tasteful, interesting, imaginative, and supportive improvised accompaniment. Celtic Back-Up presents accurate and directly...
23,95 € *
MB20893BCD Steve Kaufman's 50 Mel Bay - MB20893BCD Steve Kaufman's 50
Steve Kaufman takes his favorite American fiddle tunes for the mandolin and puts them alphabetically in four volumes. Steve plays the mandolin exactly as it is written so the student can hear the melody and dynamics just as he would play...
19,95 € *
MB96865BCD Parking Lot Pickers Mel Bay - MB96865BCD Parking Lot Pickers
A collection of over 200 great Bluegrass, Old Time, Country and Gospel standards. Melodies are presented with standard notation and tablature along with lyrics and chords. Learn to play songs written and recorded by the giants of...
32,00 € *
HL00702518 Celtic Mandolin HAL LEONARD - HL00702518 Celtic Mandolin
Buch mit CD This volume of the Mandolin Play-Along series features 8 traditional Celtic tunes all expertly arranged for Mandolin in standard and TAB notation. The Mandolin Play-Along series will help you play your favorite songs quickly...
13,95 € *
HL50449609 Beyond Bluegrass HAL LEONARD - HL50449609 Beyond Bluegrass
Improvise with more expression and freedom in bluegrass and related styles. These ideas, exercises, and etudes will help you expand your palette of improvisational techniques and sounds. Develop your versatility over the fingerboard, and...
23,95 € *
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