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HL00641626 Joy of Uke 1 HL00641626 Joy of Uke 1
Here's a DVD for anyone who loves the uke! It's instructional, entertaining and educational all at once. Jim Beloff teaches the basics, showing the strums and bringing the starting player quickly from the simplest songs to old-time pop...
29,20 € *
HL00320870 Ritz Lyles Style HL00320870 Ritz Lyles Style
Ukulele jazz master Lyle Ritz shares many of his playing techniques in this educational and entertaining 75 minute DVD. In the instructional portion Lyle plays through seven different arrangements drawn from his Ukulele Masters: Lyle...
32,66 € *
HL00701451 Pop Hits Uke 1 HL00701451 Pop Hits Uke 1
The Ukulele Play-Along series will help you play your favourite songs quickly and easily, with incredible backing tracks to help you sound like a bona fide pro! Just follow the written music, listen to the CD to hear how the Ukulele...
13,60 € *
HL00642174 Ukulele Toolbox 1 HL00642174 Ukulele Toolbox 1
Bob Brozman starts with the simplest chords and rhythmic strums but quickly brings the lesson into new territory with movable positions, picking patterns, harmonized scales and numerous other playing techniques that will inspire the...
25,30 € *
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