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Tiple TP20 American Tiple TP20 American
La Bella Tiple TP20 Also known as a Tiple Ukulele, this particular Tiple was introduced to the United States from South America in the 1920s. Due to the popular nature of ukuleles at the time, the South American Tiple was alerted to...
15,50 € *
Cuerdas para Tiple 12 cuerdas Cuerdas para Tiple 12 cuerdas
Pyramid Tiple Saiten 12saitig Silberstahl und Stahl versilbert umsponnen für 54cm Mensur Stimmung dd´d´-gg´g´-hh´h´-e´e´e´ (von tief zu hoch)
9,90 € *
Tiple Columbiano TPC 12 string Tiple Columbiano TPC 12 string
La Bella Tiple Colombiano The Tiple Colombiano originates from the Andean region and looks like a small classical guitar with an ancestry traced to the 16th century Spanish vihuela. Used for either unaccompanied solo or in ensembles, the...
14,90 € *
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