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HL01121154 Burst Believers VI HL01121154 Burst Believers VI
Centerstream Publications Vic DaPra David Plues Burst Believers VI 2022 HL01121154 The Gibson Les Paul Standard 1958-1960 is one of the greatest designs to emerge from Gibson. Revered by the great players of our generation, the tone and...
104,99 € *
HLE00330265 Beauty o the Burst HLE00330265 Beauty o the Burst
Hal Leonard HL0330265 THE BEAUTY OF THE BURST Gibson Sunburst Les Pauls from 58 to 60 Autor: Yasuhiko Iwanade Finally, the long-awaited English edition of this historic Japanese book is here! The Beauty of the Burst pays tribute to...
45,99 € *
HL00307424 Price Guide 2022 HL00307424 Price Guide 2022
Hal Leonard HL00397424 Vintage guitar P rice Guide 2022 The Official Vintage Guitar magazine Price Guide 2022 Information you need – now more than ever! The last year has been a big bag of crazy. How did it affect the values of your...
47,50 € *
HL00287873 Burst Believers IV HL00287873 Burst Believers IV
Centerstream Publications Vic DaPra David Plues Burst Believers IV 2019 HL00287873 The holy grail of electric guitars is back for the fourth and final time! The slang term burst has been used to decribe a specific Gibson Les Paul,...
104,99 € *
Martin Journal 2022 Volume 12 Martin Journal 2022 Volume 12
MARTIN Journal of Acoustic Guitars Volume 12 in 2022 Viele spannende Einblicke in die Geschichte, Instrumente, Produktion und vieles mehr mit vielen Bildern. 82 Seiten, Softcover Sprache Englisch The Martin Journal takes a deep dive into...
7,25 € *
Martin Guitars A History Vol 1 Martin Guitars A History Vol 1
Hal Leonard HL00330889 Martin Guitars. A History Volume 1 230 Seiten Sprache Englisch Verlag: Hal Leonard Hardcover Autoren: Richard Johnston, Mike Longworth, Dick Boak A Martin acoustic guitar is the beloved instrument of millions of...
37,80 € *
Guitarmaking Cumpino Natelson Guitarmaking Cumpino Natelson
Guitarmaking Tradition and Technolgy 9780811806404 388 Seiten Sprache Englisch Softcover Autoren: William R. Cumpiano und Jonathan D. Natelson A Complete Reference for the design and Construction of the steel-string folkguitar and the...
42,00 € *
C.F.Martin and his Guitars C.F.Martin and his Guitars
Hal Leonard Hl00001596C.F. Martin and his guitars 252 Seiten Sprache Englisch Paperback Autor Philip Gura The Martin is considered the finest acoustic guitar in the world, a distinction it has held for more that 160 years. Martin guitars...
31,95 € *
Inventing The American Guitar Inventing The American Guitar
Hal Leonard HL00333271 Inventing The American Guitar Hardcover 310 Seiten Sprache Englisch Aoutoren: Robert Shaw & Peter Szego Inventing The American Guitar tells the story and journey of the European instrument being transformed, in a...
52,00 € *
HL00323837 Price Guide 2020 HL00323837 Price Guide 2020
Hal Leonard HL00323837 Isbn 9781884883422 Price Guide 2020 The Official Vintage Guitar magazine Price Guide 2020 Knowledge and information are vital in the dynamic world of collectible guitars and gear, and no source provides it better...
41,20 € *
HL00142754 Martin Archives Bk HL00142754 Martin Archives Bk
The Martin Archives Scrapbook provides a fascinating glimpse into the history of America's oldest and most revered Guitar maker, bringing the company's story to life with all kinds of memorabilia from their expansive archives - from a...
39,90 € *
HL00333746 Sunburst Gibson HL00333746 Sunburst Gibson
Hal Leonard HL00333746 Sunburstby Tony Bacon Through a series of interviews with players, collectors, guitar-makers and dealers, Sunburst: How The Gibson Les Paul Standard Became A Legendary Guitar reveals how the Gibson Les Paul...
37,50 € *
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