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Die Gitarre und ihr Bau Jahnel Bochinsky - Die Gitarre und ihr Bau Jahnel
Franz Jahnel hat mit diesem Buch das Standardwerk zum Gitarrenbau geschaffen. Von der Geschichte und den Mitgliedern der Gitarreninstrumente, über eine umfassende Materialkunde, über die notwendigen Akustikkenntnisse bis hin zur absolut...
80,00 € *
NGB957 RuralRoots of Bluegrass Mel Bay - NGB957 RuralRoots of Bluegrass
Rural Roots of Bluegrass is a songbook and history book that takes a deep at the roots of bluegrass music: ballads and fiddle tunes of Scots-Irish pioneers, black spirituals, plantation melodies, blues, murder ballads, sentimental parlor...
15,50 € *
HL00333746 Sunburst Gibson HAL LEONARD - HL00333746 Sunburst Gibson
Through a series of interviews with players, collectors, guitar-makers and dealers, Sunburst: How The Gibson Les Paul Standard Became A Legendary Guitar reveals how the Gibson Les Paul Standard, known as 'the burst', became one of the...
31,95 € *
HAL LEONARD - HL00137905 The Mandolin in HAL LEONARD - HL00137905 The Mandolin in
HL00137905 Walter Carter The Mandolin in America The sound of the Mandolin is well-known today due to its use in classical music, blues, Western swing, jazz and even rock 'n' roll. This insightful book tells the fascinating story of The...
32,00 € *
HL00333679 Rickenbacker Electr HAL LEONARD - HL00333679 Rickenbacker Electr
The Rickenbacker Electric Bass: 50 Years as Rock's Bottom is the first book to trace the history of the iconic guitar, from its protoypes through its explosion of popularity in such bands as The Beatles, Yes, Deep Purple , and Motorhead...
29,95 € *
HL00147684 Vintage Guitar 2016 HAL LEONARD - HL00147684 Vintage Guitar 2016
The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide is the world's leading reference on the values of vintage and collectible instruments. Compiled using critical research and analysis, it appraises electric and acoustic Guitars, Amps, Basses,...
34,95 € *
HL00330502 Guild Guitar Book HAL LEONARD - HL00330502 Guild Guitar Book
Guild guitars have been around since the early fifties and by the early sixties they had built a solid reputation for electric and acoustic archtops. During the folk boom of the sixties Guild became famous for their acoustic six and...
34,95 € *
HL00249582 Price Guide 2018 HAL LEONARD - HL00249582 Price Guide 2018
Hal Leonard HL00249582 Isbn9781884883378 Price Guide 2018 Knowledge and information are vital in the dynamic world of collectible Guitars and gear, and no source provides it better than The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide. With...
37,95 € *
HL00333271 Inventing The HAL LEONARD - HL00333271 Inventing The
Inventing The American Guitar tells the story and journey of the European instrument being transformed, in a mere 20 years, to what is now seen as the American Guitar. Inventing The American Guitar also covers some of the early history...
55,95 € *
HL00000216 The Gibson L5 HAL LEONARD - HL00000216 The Gibson L5
The Gibson L5 Artist: Adrian Ingram Introduced in 1922, the Gibson L5 is the precursor of the modern archtop guitar. It was the first archtop to feature f-holes, which allowed it to project through the horn-dominated bands of the day....
29,95 € *
SM 6400 Das grosse Ukulele Schell Music - SM 6400 Das grosse Ukulele
Auf 178 Seiten findet man umfassende Grifftabellen zu allen Ukulele-Typen (Sopran-, Konzert, Tenor-, Baritonukulele), Hinweise zur Einstimmung, Tipps, Historie u.v.m. Eine wahre Fundgrube und ein unentbehrlicher Begleiter für jeden...
22,95 € *
HAL LEONARD - HL00142754 Martin Archives Bk HAL LEONARD - HL00142754 Martin Archives Bk
The Martin Archives Scrapbook provides a fascinating glimpse into the history of America's oldest and most revered Guitar maker, bringing the company's story to life with all kinds of memorabilia from their expansive archives - from a...
39,90 € *
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