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MB20241DVD Buscarino Players MB20241DVD Buscarino Players
Buscarino players Gene Bertoncini, Ron Afiff, Barry Greene and Corey Christiansen were filmed at the annual Buscarino Players Concert at the Long Island Guitar Show in May of 2002. The depth of Gene Bertoncini and the fire of Barry...
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MB21391DVD Richard Smith MB21391DVD Richard Smith
In this live Studio performance featuring a plethora of styles and compositions, Richard Smith plays in a variety of musical settings from solo guitar to guitar and cello duets with his virtuoso cellist wife Julie Adams. And when Richard...
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MB21372DVD Vic Juris and Corey MB21372DVD Vic Juris and Corey
Melbay MB21372DVD Vic Juris and Corey Christiansen DVD live Recorded in concert at the Smithsonian Jazz Cafe - November 11, 2005 Vic Juris and Corey Christiansen, two of the first guitarists on Mel Bay Records, joined bassist Bill Moring...
12,67 € * 25,34 € *
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