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JR980S palm tree uklele JR980S palm tree uklele
Johnson JR-980S-PN sandblast palm tree singlecone Resonator soprano Ukulele JR-980S-PN Single Cone Resonator Ukulele Brass Body, polished nickel, sandblast plam tree pattern satin mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard bone nut neck width a...
399,00 € *
S1K Uke Soprano KOA S1K Uke Soprano KOA
Martin S1K Koa soprano Uke mit Tasche Martin has been making soprano ukuleles since 1915, and they were fashioned after the first ukuleles that originated in Hawaii back in the 1880s. The smallest-sized ukulele we make, this...
629,00 € *
0XK Sopran Uke Life is good 0XK Sopran Uke Life is good
Martin 0XKSopran Uke Life is good mit Tasche Martin has banded together with Life is Good, the original positive lifestyle brand, to create this unique and vibrant ukulele. The soprano uke,made from durable Hawaiian koa HPL, features a...
449,00 € *
S1 Uke Soprano Mahagoni S1 Uke Soprano Mahagoni
Martin S1 Uke Soprano Ukulele The S1 Uke is a soprano-sized model with top, back and sides crafted of solid genuine mahogany, joined with a dovetail mahogany neck. Produces a sweet, warm and beautiful sound, and is fun to play for any...
499,00 € *
Konter Soprano Uke Konter Soprano Uke
Martin Konter Soprano KOA Uke mit Koffer The Konter Ukulele may be the most valuable ukulele in the world. It was owned by Richard Konter, Ukulele Dick, who joined Admiral Richard Byrd’s famed expedition to the North Pole in 1926. During...
2.499,00 € *
TWT2 Tiare Soprano Ukulele Wal TWT2 Tiare Soprano Ukulele Wal
Tanglewood TWT-2 Sopran Ukulele Black Walnut Beispielbilder SHAPE: Soprano TOP: Black Walnut BACK: Black Walnut, Arched SIDES: Black Walnut NECK (MATERIAL): Okoume FINGERBOARD: Natural Wood BRIDGE: Natural Wood BINDING: None SADDLE: ABS...
59,00 € *
TWT1 Tiare Soprano Ukulele TWT1 Tiare Soprano Ukulele
Tanglewood TWT-1 Sopran Ukulele SHAPE: Soprano TOP: Mahogany BACK: Mahogany, Arched SIDES: Mahogany NECK (MATERIAL): Okoume FINGERBOARD: Natural Wood BRIDGE: Natural Wood BINDING: None SADDLE: ABS Ivory White NUT: ABS Ivory White (35mm)...
49,00 € *
5K Sopran KOA Uke 5K Sopran KOA Uke
Martin 5K Sopran Ukulele flamed koa With the rise of Hawaiian music in the late 1910s, Martin began making ukuleles. The line expanded from mahogany to more elaborate Hawaiian koa models. A soprano-sized model, the 5K Uke is the ukulele...
6.249,00 € *
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