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HL00370212 Irish Tenor Banjo HL00370212 Irish Tenor Banjo
Hal Leonard HL00370212 THE IRISH TENOR BANJO Softcover mit Audio Online – TAB Author: Dick Sheridan Play 47 Irish selections on the tenor banjo with this collection of reels, jigs, slip jigs, hornpipes, polkas & slides. The tunes are...
24,99 € *
AM1007314 Tenor Banjo Chord AM1007314 Tenor Banjo Chord
Hal Leonard AM1007314 Tenor Banjo Chord Book 47 Seiten alle wichtigen Akkorde in 12 Tonarten für C-G-D-A Stimmung This handy reference title fits right in your banjo case. It covers all of the essential chords in all 12 keys for the...
13,99 € *
Complete Tenor Banjo Book Complete Tenor Banjo Book
Melbay MB93236 Complte Tenor Banjo Method The finest tenor banjo method available, this text represents Mel Bay's own approach to fundamental musicianship on this versatile instrument. This book is the standard by which others are...
23,65 € *
Tenor Banjo Method Sokolow Tenor Banjo Method Sokolow
Hal Leonard HL00243466 Tenor Banjo Method Fred Sokolow This complete guide to learning the tenor banjo was written by acclaimed author and musician Fred Sokolow. It features popular songs to teach you the basics of rhythm and lead...
20,10 € *
MB99777M Irish Mandolin MB99777M Irish Mandolin
Melbay MB99777M Irish Mandolin Playing A Complete Guide Philiü John Berthoud Product Description: This is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in Irish mandolin playing. As well as being a complete guide for the absolute...
31,99 € *
MB30430BCD Bachs Cello Suites MB30430BCD Bachs Cello Suites
MB30430M Bachs Cello Suites I-III arranged for Tenor Banjo Rob MacKillop mit Online Audio Zugang Noten und TABs Bach's Cello suites are among the most famous solo instrumental works of all time. The Cello and the Tenor Banjo share the...
23,65 € *
Tutor Volume 2 mit 2 Cds Tutor Volume 2 mit 2 Cds
Volume II takes the foundation techniques set out in Volume I and demonstrates how to use them to bring musicality and individuality to your playing How to improve rhythm and phrasing How to create and develop variations Where and when...
25,00 € *
Absolute Beg Irish Tenor Banjo Absolute Beg Irish Tenor Banjo
Hal Leonard AM998734 Abolute Beginners Irish Tenor Banjo The Absolute Beginners Irish Tenor Banjo book tells you everything you need to know about playing this unique instrument from the very first moment you pick it up. Featuring...
15,95 € *
MB22173M Easy Irish-American MB22173M Easy Irish-American
Melbay MB22173M Early Irish-American Banjo Book with Online Audio Here is the Lost Heritage of the Irish-American Banjo! The Irish-style Tenor banjo has become immensely popular of late, yet the roots of Irish influence on American banjo...
19,50 € *
Tutor Volume 1 mit 2 Cds Tutor Volume 1 mit 2 Cds
The first ever comprehensive guide to the Irish Tenor Banjo The essential foundation techniques for successful banjo playing outlined in Enda's simple, effective method How to sit and hold the banjo The importance of posture, alignment...
25,00 € *
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