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MB21702DVD Beginning Banjo 1 MB21702DVD Beginning Banjo 1
'If you've never played banjo before, this is the place to start! We teach you all the basics of Scruggs-style three-finger bluegrass banjo picking. We use no tablature because each tune is explained note-by-note. Develop your ear as you...
16,33 € * 32,12 € *
MB21703DVD Beginning Banjo 2 MB21703DVD Beginning Banjo 2
Build on what you learned in Volume 1. More advanced tunes teach the harder basic licks. We move up the neck to play several tunes. No Tab. Includes Foggy Mountain Breakdown (high break), Lonesome Road Blues, Old Joe Clark, Salt Creek,...
18,03 € * 36,06 € *
MB22027DVD Henry Vamping MB22027DVD Henry Vamping
'Vamping - Beginning Banjo Backup Learn how to vamp to all the songs on our Beginners' Banjo Videos. And what is vamping? When you vamp on the banjo, you are playing just chords, no melody. Vamping is what you do when the other person is...
16,53 € * 33,09 € *
MB20865DVD Djangos Rhythm MB20865DVD Djangos Rhythm
In the world of Gypsy Jazz, the original Quintette of the Hot Club of France achieved an energy output seldom equaled or surpassed for 7 decades or so. Django wanted to have two rhythm guitars behind him when he soloed to give him a full...
9,01 € * 18,03 € *
PTDVD01 Rockabilly Slap Bass PTDVD01 Rockabilly Slap Bass
Pete Turland gets more out of a standup bass than any other player I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. He's easily the most innovative and charismatic slapper in Canada and probably the US as well. He brings respect to an often...
17,54 € * 35,08 € *
RDR0269 Stuart Bull's Rock Jam RDR0269 Stuart Bull's Rock Jam
This superb DVD is designed to give you the tools to jam along to music, whether it's a song on the radio a piece of television music or a backing track. You will learn to locate the 'key' and notes necessary to play along. A unique...
12,65 € * 25,30 € *
HL00641973 Bluegrass Guitar HL00641973 Bluegrass Guitar
Bluegrass Star Eddie Adcock erklärt Schritt-für Schritt Arrangements zu einigen der beliebtesten Stücke und enthüllt das Geheimnis seiner blitzschnellen Gitarrentechniken. Adcock zeigt, wie man Right-Hand Rolls, Slides, Anschlags- und...
14,60 € * 29,20 € *
FGM1005 Flatpick Jam Vol 2 FGM1005 Flatpick Jam Vol 2
MelBay FGM1005 Flatpick JAM Vol2 Brad Davis With the Brad Davis' Flatpick Jam series you are never without a jamming partner! This two-hour DVD is packed with flatpicking jam session favorites (11 tunes on each DVD). Brad plays each tune...
11,67 € * 23,35 € *
DVD119 Beginning Old Time DVD119 Beginning Old Time
Evo Bluestein is a well-known teacher and performer on many folk instruments and has recorded a number of albums with the Bluestein Family and as a solo artist. Evo teaches you basic frailing (clawhammer), double thumbing, drop thumbing,...
18,03 € * 36,06 € *
HL00642165 Making the Acoustic HL00642165 Making the Acoustic
The red-hot guitarist from the popular band the Waybacks brings the acoustic guitar into a modern rock sensibility with this groundbreaking DVD lesson. James Nash teaches the scales, grooves, licks, rhythm techniques and other moves that...
14,60 € * 29,20 € *
MB20241DVD Buscarino Players MB20241DVD Buscarino Players
Buscarino players Gene Bertoncini, Ron Afiff, Barry Greene and Corey Christiansen were filmed at the annual Buscarino Players Concert at the Long Island Guitar Show in May of 2002. The depth of Gene Bertoncini and the fire of Barry...
12,67 € * 25,34 € *
908081 The Definitive Steve 908081 The Definitive Steve
Discover the unique style of this legend of the Rockbilly-inspired rock guitar. Steve Morse's highly individual guitar style is revealed to you on this special double presentation. In part one, The Essential Steve Morse, you will learn...
15,84 € * 31,68 € *
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