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HL00641674 Learn to play the HL00641674 Learn to play the
The bouzouki is a vital part of the instrumental line-up of many Irish session and performing bands, Zan McLeod, one of the Celtic music world's most talented bouzouki players, accompanists and arrangers, has created a lesson that is...
29,70 € *
HL00641661 Mandolin + Bouzouki HL00641661 Mandolin + Bouzouki
Tim O'Brien's course will be a boon to mandolin and bouzouki players who want to improve their technique, develop ideas and learn new repertoire. Whether he's breaking down a irish slip jig, an old time mountain ballad, a bluegrass tune...
29,20 € *
HL00641655 Basic Bluegrass HL00641655 Basic Bluegrass
Steve Kaufman teaches you how to play solid rhythm, from playing behind the simplest two-chord song to the complex chord progressions needed to accompany Texas-style fiddle tunes. He starts with the fundamentals, showing you how to hold...
29,20 € *
HL00642158 S. Kaufman Get HL00642158 S. Kaufman Get
Steve Kaufman introduces new players to all the elements of guitar flatpicking. No previous experience is necessary. All that's needed is a guitar, a flatpick and the desire to accompany and play lead on great folk, bluegrass and country...
29,20 € *
HOT539 Arlen Roth Lap Steel HOT539 Arlen Roth Lap Steel
Though Arlen Roth has written many books and done many videos on slide guitar, this is the first time he's done a Hawaiian Lap Steel video. And even though there are many obvious parallels and crossovers between learning this...
23,88 € *
HL00641792 Guitar Styles of HL00641792 Guitar Styles of
A.P., Sara and Maybelle Carter, collectively known as The Carter Family, have been a driving force in the history of Country music recording since 1927. In this unique lesson, Mike Seeger, along with Jeanette Carter, shows how even...
29,20 € *
HL00642088 Dailey u Vincent HL00642088 Dailey u Vincent
'I am so proud to say a few words about Dailey & Vincent. What a great sound. Not since the Louvin Brothers has music touched me this deep. I expect them to go all the way to the top and stay there.' - Dolly Parton Soaring harmonies, a...
29,20 € *
GW941 Guitar of Chet Atkins GW941 Guitar of Chet Atkins
A unique and fascinating guitar lesson for intermediate and advanced players, taught by Chet Atkins. Nine of his classic arrangements, with split-screen techniques so that you can study both hands at the same time. Tunes include:...
35,04 € *
HL00123774 Clawhammer Banjo HL00123774 Clawhammer Banjo
Grammy Award-winning musician and TV personality David Holt gives Banjo beginners everything they need to start playing and singing in the old-time Clawhammer style. Throughout the Clawhammer Banjo: The Basics And Beyond - DVD, Holt...
29,20 € *
HL00641585 Sam Bush Method HL00641585 Sam Bush Method
HL00641585 Sam Bush Mandolin Method 2 DVD Set In addition to being one of the world's greatest bluegrass musicians, Sam Bush is a clear and dynamic instructor. This terrific two-part series will help aspiring mandoling players improve...
46,40 € *
HL00641882 Bryan Bowers HL00641882 Bryan Bowers
Move away from simple strumming and learn some of the dynamic song arrangements and solo styles that Bowers has developed throughout his career. You will be amazed with huge variety of new sounds you can achieve on the instrument using...
29,20 € *
RDR0058 Learn t play ZZ Top RDR0058 Learn t play ZZ Top
One of the most distinctive bands in the world of rock 'n' roll, with greasy guitar licks that have thrilled their fans for decades! ZZ Top are true originals, and this DVD will give you the riffs and grooves that have made their songs...
30,17 € *
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