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HL00641578 2DVDs Essential HL00641578 2DVDs Essential
Award-winning instrumentalist Rob Ickes has created a comprehensove course to help you master all aspects of the resonator guitar, from bar tachnique to fingerpicking rolls. He covers ererything you'll need to hold your own in a...
44,35 € *
HL00641980 Bob Brozmans DVD2 HL00641980 Bob Brozmans DVD2
Hal Leonard HL00641980 Bob Bronzman DVD2 Guide to Roots Guitar Styles Blues, Ragtime & Swing Move beyond basic folk styles and get into the excitement of fingerstyle blues, ragtime and swing, and learn the tools that will expand your...
29,20 € *
HL00641950 Intermediate Blue- HL00641950 Intermediate Blue-
If you've already tried a little Bluegrass Jamming, found your first few chords and tested a handful of tunes, Pete Wernick and an All-Star Bluegrass Band now give you the chance to progress to the next level. With ample soloing...
29,20 € *
HL00641916 Bluegrass slow jam HL00641916 Bluegrass slow jam
Anyone with any instrument can join in with this Bluegrass jam session, even if you've never tried it before...all you need are four basic chords to play along with the band! Pete Wernick guides you into the jamming situation, helping...
28,85 € *
MB98266DVD Dobro Workshop MB98266DVD Dobro Workshop
Although designed for the intermediate Dobro(R) player, resonator guitarists at all levels can benefit from the topics discussed in this workshop video. Phil addresses: creating breaks, building speed, backing up a vocalist, dynamics,and...
25,30 € *
HL00641646 Jerry Douglas Dobro HL00641646 Jerry Douglas Dobro
HAL LEONARD HL00641646 Jerry Douglas Dobro Techniques DVD One of the world's top Dobro stars gives you and insight into the secrets of his exceptional technique. Jerry Douglas introduces several key Dobro skills including: Hand positions...
29,20 € *
HL00641664 Dobro Variation HL00641664 Dobro Variation
Explorations in Minor, Swing and Rockabilly Styles Cindy Cashdollar moves into intermediate territory with the blues, minor key and western swing styles that have become her signature sound. She builds knowledge of the Dobro step by...
29,20 € *
HL00641971 Phillips Dobro HL00641971 Phillips Dobro
Learn to play a variety of fantastic tunes as you master the challenging techniques of the Dobro with this second accessible DVD tutorial by Dobro master Stacy Phillips. In this more advanced lesson, your repertoire of techniques is...
29,20 € *
HL00641663 Learning Bluegrass HL00641663 Learning Bluegrass
Here is a hands-on Dobro course that will teach you to play your favourite bluegrass and country tunes in no time - even if you've never played before! Jam-packed with information, this 90-minute DVD utilizes close-ups, split screens and...
29,20 € *
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