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HL00695167 The Dobro Workbook HL00695167 The Dobro Workbook
Hal Leonard HL00695167 The Dobro Workbook David Hamburger Format: Softcover Audio Online Author: David Hamburger Teaches licks, techniques and improvisation for lap-style resophonic slide guitar. Covers: scales, licks, songs and...
18,10 € *
MB21692M Parking Lot Pickers MB21692M Parking Lot Pickers
Mel Bay MB21692M Parking Lot Pickers Songbook Dobro Online Media A collection of over 200 great Bluegrass, Old Time, Country and Gospel standards. Melodies are presented with standard notation and tablature along with lyrics and chords....
49,99 € *
SM11024 Lapsteel Gitarre Funk SM11024 Lapsteel Gitarre Funk
Schell Music SM 11024 Lapsteel Gitarre Peter Funk Diese Ausgabe von Peter Funk enthält alles, um in das Lapsteel-Spielen tiefer einzusteigen. Er wendet sich dabei an den bereits fortgeschrittenen Spieler und zeigt die Techniken Backward...
33,95 € *
HL00000345 Backup Dobro D. Cox HL00000345 Backup Dobro D. Cox
HL00000345 Doug Cox Backup Dobro Exploring the fretboard In this book you'll learn creative, fun techniques and ideas on playing backup. Playing backup means responding in a sensitive manner with singers and other musicians. So let's...
26,99 € *
HL00000187 Dobro Classic Plus HL00000187 Dobro Classic Plus
HalLeonard HL00000187 Dobro Classics Plus - 2nd Edition. (20 Classic and Original Tunes) By Steve Toth For Dobro Softcover with CD Guitar tablature Published by Centerstream Publications (HL.187). ISBN 1574240226 With guitar tablature...
26,99 € *
SM5200BCD Lapsteel Gitarre SM5200BCD Lapsteel Gitarre
Schell Music SM7200BCD Lapsteel Gitarre Peter Funk Lapsteel bezeichnet die Art, eine Gitarre flach liegend, mit einem Steel-Bar zu spielen. Eine Spieltechnik, welche in Hawaii entstand und heute weltweit in den verschiedenen Genres wie...
39,95 € *
MB95271M Complete Dobro MB95271M Complete Dobro
Stacy Phillips is an internationally acclaimed soloist and author on Resonator Guitar. This comprehensive book took years to produce and is the culmination of Stacy's many years of playing the instrument, studying new Resonator...
43,25 € *
MB30526M Acoustic Lap Steel MB30526M Acoustic Lap Steel
MelBay MB30526M Acoustic Lap Steel Method Fernando Perez The Complete Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar Method is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for those wanting to learn Lap Steel Guitar. This method has been specially devised for...
23,70 € *
MB30527M Encycl Acoustic Lap MB30527M Encycl Acoustic Lap
MB30527M Encyclopedia of acoustic lap steel guitar solos Fernando Perez The Encyclopedia of Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar Solos is a collection of compositions for the Lap Steel Guitar, carefully selected by renowned Guitar tutor Fernando...
23,70 € *
AM67158 Dobro Case Chord Book AM67158 Dobro Case Chord Book
Wise Publications AM67158 Dobro Case Chord Book Sprache Englisch 40 Seiten This definitive sourcebook serves as an introduction covering all types of chords for today's traditional and modern Dobro players. Available in a handy guitar...
7,70 € *
HL00695857 Pedal Steel Guitar HL00695857 Pedal Steel Guitar
Hal Leonard HL00695857 Pedal Steel Guitar Method is designed for anyone just learning to play the E9 pedal steel guitar. This comprehensive and easy-to-use beginner's guide includes many fun songs and hot licks to learn and play. The...
9,95 € *
HL00695356 Fretboard Roadmaps HL00695356 Fretboard Roadmaps
HL00695356 Fretborad Roadmaps Dobro Guitar Now you can play lead and rhythm dobro guitar anywhere on the fretboard in any key with this useful package. Play a variety of styles with moveable scale patterns, common licks and techniques....
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