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Guitar Player Repair Guide Guitar Player Repair Guide
HL00331793 Guitar Player Repair Guide 3rd Edition mit DVD Dan Erlwine Dritte überarbeitete Version des Standardwerkd von Dan Erlewine, in englischer Sprache, 320 Seiten mit DVD This expanded edition for beginners to experts is a...
41,20 € *
HL00331088 Siminoff Bluegrass HL00331088 Siminoff Bluegrass
HL00331088 The Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual Roger H. Siminoff The Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual is the most complete step-by-step treatise ever written on building an acoustical string instrument....
25,00 € *
HLE00330367 Siminoff How to HLE00330367 Siminoff How to
How To Set Up The Best Sounding Banjo walks you through the techniques required to maximise the performance of your banjo. Step-by-step instructions include: tone chamber fit, tailpiece angle, bridge selection, neck angle and heel fit,...
13,95 € *
MB20844 Dynamics of Banjo MB20844 Dynamics of Banjo
Is an adventure into the many interrelated aspects of banjo sound. Banjo owners, players and repair people can benefit from the wealth of knowledge the Tom Nechville has put into this volume. The results of Nechville's lifetime of banjo...
15,50 € *
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