MB20844 Dynamics of Banjo

MB20844 Dynamics of Banjo
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Is an adventure into the many interrelated aspects of banjo sound. Banjo owners, players and... mehr
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Is an adventure into the many interrelated aspects of banjo sound. Banjo owners, players and repair people can benefit from the wealth of knowledge the Tom Nechville has put into this volume. The results of Nechville's lifetime of banjo experimentation are compiled here in a clear, straightforward way. Tom offers setup secrets and common sense answers to your banjo questions to make your banjo sound and play the way you want it to.

48 Seiten
Sprache Englisch


Introduction Chapter One - Evaluating a Banjo

First Impression
Chapter Two - How Banjos Work

Unwanted Non-Musical Resonance
Tone Ring and Rim Combination
Neck Woods
The Bridge
Break Angle
Chapter Three - Warming Up Your Banjo

Bridge Weight
String Slots
Bridge Height
Chapter Four - Heading for Great Sound

Remo Heads
5-Star Heads
Heading My Way
Head Tightening
Heading for Tradition
Heading for Expression
Electric Heads?
Chapter Five - 'Magic' Bridges

Chimes and Bell-like Tone
Bass Response
Wide Sound
Chapter Six - Tailpiece Adjustments

Types of Tailpieces
Chapter Seven - Tone Rings

Aluminum-Bodied Banjos
Old-time Tone Rings
Spun Tone Rings
The Mastertone Rings
Archtop Tone Rings
Flat Head Tone Rings
Problems with Tone Rings
Cyclotronic and Timbre-Tronic Tone Rings
Chapter Eight - Don't Crank Those Rods!

The Flux Capacitor
Chapter Nine - Fine Tuning Your Neck (and Other Intonation Secrets)

Bridge Placement
Neck Bow and Truss Rod Adjustment
Fine-Tuning the Nut
Touch Up the Frets
Chapter Ten - Step-by-Step to Professional Banjo Set-Up
Chapter Eleven - How to Play the Banjo
Appendix - Notes from the Author
About the Author
Nech-tology 101, A Glossary of Nechville Terms

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