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Sierra Maple Bluegrass Sierra Maple Bluegrass
Deering Sierra Maple 5S Banjo Greg Deering knows what it feels like to want a professional banjo and not be able to afford it, so this has become the flagship of our line. Deering make the Sierra affordable and you get all the most...
2.690,00 € *
White Lotus 5S Banjo White Lotus 5S Banjo
The bluegrass inspired White Lotus banjo, named for its lotus flower inspired inlay pattern, is centered around the patent pending white oak rim. Notably lacking a traditional heavy tone ring, the natural white oak rim closely recreates...
2.298,00 € *
Cimarron Walnut 5S Banjo Cimarron Walnut 5S Banjo
Bishline Cimarron Walnut Bluegrass Banjo Bluegrass 'Workhorse' Banjo Made in USA Upgrade: Wooden Armrest walnut with burl walnut resonator walnut neck two ply maple rim ivoroid binding ebony fingerboard / headplate mop inlays nickel...
2.850,00 € *
OB-3 Prewar 5S Banjo mit Case OB-3 Prewar 5S Banjo mit Case
GoldTone OB-3 Prewar Specs Banjo mit Case - Rim: 3schichtiges Ahorn - Tonring: Flat-Top ohne Loch, Messing - Spannreifen: Nickel, gerillt - Armstütze: Einfach - Fell: 11er HC Frosted - Brackets: 24 - Hals: Mahagoni - Griffbrett:...
1.688,00 € *
CC-Mini Cripple Creek CC-Mini Cripple Creek
Gold Tone Cripple Creek Mini 5S Banjo open Back mit Tasche Reise oder Kinderbanjo. Einfach entsprechend der kürzeren Mensur höher gestimmt. Was auf einem großen Banjo G ist, ist hier C. (wie ein großes Banjo im 5. Bund) The Cripple Creek...
599,00 € *
BC-350 Bob Carlin 5S BC-350 Bob Carlin 5S
Gold Tone BC-350 Bob Carlin 5S banjo open Back This Carlin model was the first to be issued; it was the result of a meeting between Bob and Gold Tone president Wayne Rogers at the 2004 IBMA Fan Fest. All of the BC-350 features and...
1.348,00 € * 1.533,66 € *
CEB5 Cello 5 Banjo mit Case CEB5 Cello 5 Banjo mit Case
Gold Tone Cello 5S Banjo mit Koffer The success of the Gold Tone CEB-4 Cello-Banjo got Gold Tone president Wayne Rogers thinking, 'Hmmm...what about a FIVE-STRING version?' Thus, the CEB-5 was born! Endowing the legions of five-string...
1.699,00 € *
WL-250 Whity Ladye open back WL-250 Whity Ladye open back
Gold Tone WL250 open back banjo whity ladye The White Laydie 250 produces the plunky yet focused tone that's long been a standard for Old Time and folk music. This banjo features an accurate replica of the classic three-piece Whyte...
1.395,00 € *
Longneck Banjo whyte Laydie Longneck Banjo whyte Laydie
Richwood 5S longneck Banjo Whyte Laydie Tonering mit Koffer Long Neck open Back 5 String Banjo 24 Schrauben Whyte Laydie Tonring inkl. Koffer Das Richwood-Longneck-Banjo wird in tiefer E-Stimmung gestimmt mit den gleichen Intervallen wie...
678,30 € *
Goodtime Kavanjo 5S open back Goodtime Kavanjo 5S open back
Deering Goodtime Banjo mit Kavanjo PU (Humbucker, auch Distortion Sounds sind möglich) Inkl. Deering Gigbag Beispielbilder Finally! A banjo that can be played at any volume. The new Goodtime Acoustic/Electric banjo features the factory...
777,89 € *
Griffin Premium Open Back case Griffin Premium Open Back case
Pruch Premium Griffin Open Back White Ladye mit Koffer Prucha began to produce the OPEN BACK banjo in 1990 in response to requests from his friends playing oldtime music in the Netherlands. It has become one of Pruchas most popular...
2.750,00 € *
Single Tree 11 open back Single Tree 11 open back
Huss and Dalton Singletree 11 Inch 5 String Open Back Banjo Open-back banjos have quietly stepped up to become the darlings of the banjo world. String band old-timey music has become more popular than bluegrass. Clawhammer and two-finger...
2.387,29 € *
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