GE-1 Prospector Old-Time Banjo

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GoldStar (Saga) GE-1 Prospector Gold-Time Banjo mit CD-1535 Bump Case Sattelbreite ca.... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "GE-1 Prospector Old-Time Banjo"

GoldStar (Saga) GE-1 Prospector Gold-Time Banjo mit CD-1535 Bump Case

Sattelbreite ca. 3,02cm

Mensur ca. 66,675cm

The Gold Star Prospector is built in the tradition of banjos from the late 1800s, with a singular combination of traditional design, tone and contemporary playability.

The 1/2 (1,27cm) rim of the banjo consists of two 1/4 (0,635cm) plies of rock maple that form a firm vibration base for the warm tonal characteristics required for the old-time banjo styles. The “frailing-scoop” allows the player to access the warm tone found in the area just outside the confines of the banjo head.

The addition of sturdy but light-weight neck reinforcement and coordinator rod assures the structural stability of the neck and rim without a negative impact on the balance or appearance of the instrument.

Traditional Bulb Heel and Frailing Scoop
Deluxe P-130 Golden Gate Planet Tuners for precise, easy tuning
Considerate, removable P-101 Armrest for playing comfort
Patented No-Knot Tailpiece

Remo Fiberskyn Banjo Fell
Schwimmer-style fifth string pip for accurate intonation

Made in china

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