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The Martin Archives Scrapbook provides a fascinating glimpse into the history of America's... mehr
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The Martin Archives Scrapbook provides a fascinating glimpse into the history of America's oldest and most revered Guitar maker, bringing the company's story to life with all kinds of memorabilia from their expansive archives - from a fold-out floorplan of their North Street factory and early purchase ledgers to letters and photographs from the many world-famous musicians who have favoured Martin Guitars.
The Martin Archives contain over 700,000 artifacts, many of which have lain unseen for generations. The images, documents and other souvenirs in this book have been carefully selected in order to paint a complete picture of the company and its instruments, from the concert halls of the pre-Civil War United States to the Grand Ole Opry stage to Woodstock, Coachella and beyond. Whilst some Guitar makers in the U.S.A. predate the advent of the business computer, Martin predates the typewriter, electric lights and even the steam locomotive, and this scrapbook reveals what an interesting ride that's been.
In addition to 104 full-colour pages, The Martin Archives Scrapbook also features pockets containing reproductions of original posters, swing tags and more. The perfect gift for any Martin Guitar enthusiast or collector, this illuminating book examines the impressive role played by Martin in the Golden Age of American music and the birth of rock 'n' roll.

Published on 23/11/2016
Format History
Length 104 pages
Language English
Publisher Hal Leonard Europe
Catalogue #HL00142754
Isbn 978149501304

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