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Mandolin Method Book 2 Mandolin Method Book 2
Hal Leonard HL00125222 Mandolin Method Book 2by Rich Delgrosso Softcover mit Audio Online Author: Rich DelGrosso Just like Book 1, Book 2 of The Hal Leonard Mandolin Method is designed for anyone just learning to play mandolin. This...
17,70 € *
Martin Guitars A History Vol 1 Martin Guitars A History Vol 1
Hal Leonard HL00330889 Martin Guitars. A History Volume 1 230 Seiten Sprache Englisch Verlag: Hal Leonard Hardcover Autoren: Richard Johnston, Mike Longworth, Dick Boak A Martin acoustic guitar is the beloved instrument of millions of...
37,80 € *
C.F.Martin and his Guitars C.F.Martin and his Guitars
Hal Leonard Hl00001596C.F. Martin and his guitars 252 Seiten Sprache Englisch Paperback Autor Philip Gura The Martin is considered the finest acoustic guitar in the world, a distinction it has held for more that 160 years. Martin guitars...
31,95 € *
Inventing The American Guitar Inventing The American Guitar
Hal Leonard HL00333271 Inventing The American Guitar Hardcover 310 Seiten Sprache Englisch Aoutoren: Robert Shaw & Peter Szego Inventing The American Guitar tells the story and journey of the European instrument being transformed, in a...
52,00 € *
HL00001460 Celtic Cittern HL00001460 Celtic Cittern
Centerstream HL00001460 Celtic Cittern by Doc Rossi Although the cittern has a history spanning 500 years and several countries, like its cousin the Irish bouzouki, it is a relative newcomer to contemporary traditional music. Doc Rossi,...
23,60 € *
HL00695167 The Dobro Workbook HL00695167 The Dobro Workbook
Hal Leonard HL00695167 The Dobro Workbook David Hamburger Format: Softcover Audio Online Author: David Hamburger Teaches licks, techniques and improvisation for lap-style resophonic slide guitar. Covers: scales, licks, songs and...
18,10 € *
OK64378 Hot Licks Bluegrass OK64378 Hot Licks Bluegrass
Hal Leonard HL14015429 Hot Licks for Bluegrass Fiddle Format: Softcover mit CD Editor: Stacy Phillips Over 450 authentic bluegrass licks are featured in this book. You'll learn how to apply them to create your own solos, play fills and...
41,20 € *
HL00323837 Price Guide 2020 HL00323837 Price Guide 2020
Hal Leonard HL00323837 Isbn 9781884883422 Price Guide 2020 The Official Vintage Guitar magazine Price Guide 2020 Knowledge and information are vital in the dynamic world of collectible guitars and gear, and no source provides it better...
31,99 € *
HL00699581 Folk Rock HL00699581 Folk Rock
Hal Leonard HL00699851 Folk Rock music combines the elements of acoustic folk and country styles with the blues and rhythmic syncopations of rock. This fantastic volume from the Guitar Play-Along series enables you to play eight of your...
20,10 € *
HL00102585 Bluegrass Banjo HL00102585 Bluegrass Banjo
Hal Leonard HL00102585 Bluegras banjo Play along This volume of the Banjo Play-Along series features 8 traditional Bluegrass tunes all expertly arranged for Banjo in TAB notation. The Banjo Play-Along Series will help you play your...
20,10 € *
HL00702517 Bluegrass Mandolin HL00702517 Bluegrass Mandolin
HL00702517 Bluegrass mandolin The Mandolin Play-Along Series will help you play your favorite songs quickly and easily. Just follow the written music, listen to the recordings to hear how the mandolin should sound, and then play along...
19,00 € *
HL00695901 Ukulele Fretboard HL00695901 Ukulele Fretboard
Hal Leonard HL00695901 Ukulele Ftreboard by Fred Sokoloff and Jim Beloff Improve your ukulele playing with Fretboard Roadmaps , your guide to the essential patterns that all great uke players know and use! Each chapter presents a pattern...
17,70 € *
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