MB96547BCD Mel Bays Easy

MB96547BCD Mel Bays Easy
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This book of original melodies is intended for the beginning mandolin student who can already... mehr
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This book of original melodies is intended for the beginning mandolin student who can already read music or tab and play basic chords, but wants to learn new techniques and have fun in the process. In addition to its intrinsic musical value, each selection has a specific didactic intent - teaching hammer-ons and pull-offs, crosspicking, the Phrygian mode, or some other essential musical or technical element. Accompaniment chords and performance notes are provided for each tune written in notation and tab. Mandolin chord diagrams further enhance this text to make it perfect supplement to any method book or private course of instruction. A companion CD is included at a great price!

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Arpeggios In Wonderland   
Can You Pull It Off?   
Cross Country   
Four O'clock Boogie   
Greek To Me   Dick Weissman
Hammers #2   Dick Weissman
Minor Blues   Dick Weissman
Minor Waltz   Dick Weissman
Motorcycle #2   Dick Weissman & Mike Connolly
October Breeze   
Rainy Day Jig   
Rest For The Weary   Dick Weissman
Rocky Mountain Waltz   
Rolling Scales   
Sally Get Your Shoes On   
Some Clues On The Blues   
Steffi's Polka   
The Goose Is Gone   
The Phrygian Phantom   Dick Weissman
Three Plus Two   Dick Weissman
Tie One On   
Toss The Accordion   
Where The Rivers Change Direction 

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