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Martin 0XK Concert Uke Life is good mit Tasche Martin has banded together with Life is... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "0XK Concert Uke Life is good"

Martin 0XK Concert Uke Life is good mit Tasche

Martin has banded together with Life is Good, the original positive lifestyle brand, to create this unique and vibrant ukulele. The soprano uke,made from durable Hawaiian koa HPL, features a colorful collage of the most iconic Life is Good graphics from nearly 30 years of spreading the power of optimism. It includes a sustainable softshell case, top-notch puns, and the good vibes needed to turn moments into memories.

Recommended Strings: Ukulele Strings - Soprano/Concert
Body Size: Soprano Ukulele
Finish Top: None
Construction: Applied Dovetail Neck Joint
Back and Side Finish: None
Bracing Pattern: Soprano Ukulele
Scale Length: ca. 34,58cm
Brace Shape: Non-Scalloped
Fingerboard Width at Nut: ca. 3,41cm
Top Material: HPL with Life is Good Print
Neck Shape: Soprano Ukulele
Back Material: Koa HPL
Neck Taper: Standard Taper
Side Material: Koa HPL
Electronics: Not Available
Electronics Options: None
Top Color: None
Bridge Style: Soprano Ukelele
Binding: None
Bridge String Spacing: ca. 4,17cm
Top Inlay Material: None
Bridge Material: Morado
Top Detail: Custom Artwork
Bridge Pin Material: None
Pickguard: None
Bridge Pin Dots: None
Pickguard Inlay: None
Saddle: Compensated Black Tusq
Rosette: None
Saddle Radius: Flat
Brace Material: Spruce
Back and Sides Color: None
Brace Size: ca. 0,635cm
Back Detail: None
Back Purfling/Strip: None
Back Inlay Material: None
Heelcap: None
Side Detail: None
Endpiece: None
Side Inlay Material: None
Endpiece Inlay: None
Neck Material: Birch Laminate
Fingerboard Material: Sipo
Finish Neck: Hand-Rubbed
Fingerboard Width at 12th Fret: ca. 4,6cm
Neck Color: None
Fingerboard Inlay Style: Dots
Number of Frets Total: 17
Fingerboard Inlay Material: White Acrylic
Neck Joins Body At: 12th Fret
Fingerboard Binding Material: None
Side Dots: White
Headstock Shape: Solid Soprano
Tuning Machines: Nickel Uke Peg
Headplate Material: Custom HPL Print
Knob: Small
Headplate Logo Style: Pad Printed Script
Nut Material: White Tusq
Headplate Binding Material: None
Case: Soft-Shell
Label: Paper Label with Life is Good Logo

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