OneforStreet 10 Akku 120Watt

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Acus Oneforstreet 10 wood 120 Watt Die mobile Version der wunderbar klingen Combos. 2... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "OneforStreet 10 Akku 120Watt"

Acus Oneforstreet 10 wood 120 Watt

Die mobile Version der wunderbar klingen Combos. 2 Steckplätze für Akkus (Makita 18Volt und baugleiche) (nicht im Preis enthalten)

ONEFORSTREET 10 is a 120 Watt small band amplifier equipped with 3 separate inputs (channels 1 and 2: Microphone or Instrument input, Channel 3: Instrument input) + an Aux input (which can be with 3.5mm stereo jack or with the Bluetooth Acus Artesia BT-1) equipped with independent volume. The 3 inputs are equipped with Gain, 3-band EQ, effect send and Volume.

Input 1 is also equipped with other functions: it has a Compressor and a switch that changes the characteristics of the channel according to the type of instrument selected:

1. Flat: standard equalization for acoustic and classical instruments. With this equalization channel 1 is identical to channels 2 and 3
2. Bass: suitable for instruments particularly rich in bass (such as electric, acoustic or double bass).
3. Jazz: suitable for electric or semi-acoustic / jazz guitar.

The system is equipped with Master Volume, balanced Direct Out output (equipped with an attenuation switch, indicated as -10dB, to adapt the Direct Out level to a Microphone input), battery charge indicator LED (active only when the system is powered by battery) and an internal multi-effect (2 Reverbs, a Chorus and a Delay).

All effects have a potentiometer for adjusting the parameters of the selected effect, namely the length for the reverbs, the duration for the delay and the Rate for the Chorus. The microphone input is equipped with always active phantom power.

Data sheet
Frequency Response 40 Hz -20kHz
Max Power Out 120W
Channels 3
System Format 2 way amp
Woofer Power 100W
Tweeter Power 20W
Sensivity 1w 1m 94 dB
SPL Max 114 dB
Crossover Electronic
Woofer Size 10
HF Speaker compression driver
Construction Plywood
Height 42,5 cm
Width 30,2 cm
Depth 31 cm
Weight 11 kg 

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