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Ear Trumpet Labs Delphina Kondensatormikro Groß Membran Dels choice! Nach kurzer... mehr
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Ear Trumpet Labs Delphina Kondensatormikro Groß Membran

Dels choice!

Nach kurzer Zeit DER Klassiker für Bluegrass, Americana oder auch jede Singer Songwriter Anwendung. Für die Bühne genauso wunderbar wie im Studio. Sehr robust!
Das erste Mal haben Anja und ich dieses Mikro bei der Foghorn Stringband (Kaleb Clauder) auf dem Toender Festvial gehört / gesehen. (danach bei Jerry Douglas und vielen anderen...)

Braucht Phantomspeisung

Werden in Oregon USA hergestellt.

Ear Trumpet Labs schreiben über Delphina:


ETL most popular special order, released as its own model! Sounds just like Myrtle, looks like Edwina, with a snappy brass bracket to set it apart. For a number of years people have requested a lower-profile ensemble mic. They wanted the sonic characteristics of our most popular ensemble mic, Myrtle (full low-end response, flexibility for multiple players), with the portability and sleekness of our signature Edwina. ETL have been building this hybrid model as a custom special order for a number of years and have decided to introduce it to ETLs standard line of microphones. A large-diaphragm condenser microphone with distinctive but not domineering looks. Delphina takes the warm, detailed sound and astonishing feedback rejection of our standard Edwina, and adds a low-end tuned for accurately capturing acoustic instruments from any distance, just like our popular Myrtle.

This model has been a favorite of Del McCoury's for the last two years, and ETL wanted to honor the silver-haired king of bluegrass in the product name. introducing Delphina!

For a crisper tone with a bit more presence for the same applications, consider Louise/Josephine. For the same tone in a spring-suspended design, consider Myrtle. For a similar tone in a design tailored for closer micing, consider Edwina.v

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