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Extra Comfortable Splitt Wrap Stainless Steel für alle Resonator (Squareneck) und... mehr
Informationen zum Produkt "112013422 Split Wrap angle 2"

Extra Comfortable Splitt Wrap
Stainless Steel

für alle Resonator (Squareneck) und Steelplayer
gebogene löffelartige Spitze, damit das Spielen ohne Verdrehen des Handgelenks möglich wird

The ProPik stainless steel finger pick is like having good, better and best all rolled up into one. You will get a comfortable fit and thanks to an industrial-strenght stainless steel, a pick that you can count on using for decades.

In addition to stainless steels long shelf life, this pick is corrosion resistant and polished to a high sheen. The results is an ultra-slick surface that minimizes drag on the string.

Just as brass and nickel-silver have their own unique tone character, so does stainless steel. In the scheme of things, the tone of this pick is slightly brighter than nickel-silver.

Your Choice of blade style will slightly alter the picks overall tone. The theory behind the blade style is simple: The more pointed the picks blade, the brighter the tone. Of the three blade styles the #1 blade is the most pointed and the #3 blade is the least pointed. The blade number is located on the front of the pick just below the ProPik logo.

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