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G9230 Bobtail Squareneck PU Gretsch - G9230 Bobtail Squareneck PU
G9230 Bobtail(TM) Square-Neck A.E. aus der Roots Collection Farbe: 2- colour Sunburst Decke, Boden und Zargen: Lamininiert Mahogani Finish: Semi-Gloss Vintage Sunburst Bracing: Internal Sound-Well F Löcher Body Tiefe:3.5' (8.8 cm) Body...
615,00 € *
RD52 Squareneck mit Quarterman Regal - RD52 Squareneck mit Quarterman
Here's a the Regal dobro with plenty of power and drive to cut through any traffic! There is no better value in a professional quality square-neck dobro on the market today. Features include a Quarterman Cone- a feature not found on any...
755,00 € *
G9210 Boxcar Squareneck NAT Gretsch - G9210 Boxcar Squareneck NAT
Klasse Squareneck More powerful than a locomotive! This square-neck version of the 1930s Gretsch classic has the tone and punch that pro players demand. The vital feature of all Gretsch resonator guitars is the all-new Gretsch...
469,00 € *
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