Mel Bay - MB99540BCD Octave Mandolin and

Mel Bay - MB99540BCD Octave Mandolin and
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'Twenty tunes in styles from Irish to American, in a variety of tunings, melody and... mehr
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'Twenty tunes in styles from Irish to American, in a variety of tunings, melody and accompaniment, presented in standard notation and tablature, with a stereo CD (left channel melody, right channel accompaniment). Left and right hand techniques and chord voicings are thoroughly discussed. For the first time, the Celtic style ''woven texture'' accompaniment unique to the instrument is fully notated. Unique to the book are melodic Irish ornamentation, blues, jazz, American fiddle tunes with variations and improvisations (all fully notated), and a chapter ''Breaking Away From Block Chords'' extending knowledge of the fingerboard.'

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Ace of Spades       Benny Thomasson
Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?       John McGann
Arkansas Traveller      
Bit of Ginger       Joe Derrane
Doherty's Favorite       Michael Coleman
Free Floating Blues       John McGann
Galway Bay       Tommy Peoples
Gold Ring       Andy McGann
Hickey's       Paddy Cronin
Kid on the Mountain       Michael Coleman
La Partida       Ruthie Dornfield
Men of Ulster       Paddy Cronin
Peter Street       John Skelton and Seamus Connolly
Rights of Man       Paddy O'Brien
Swede Gorgeous       John McGann
T Train blues       John McGann
The Copper Plate       Joe Derrane
The Western       Michael Coleman and James Kelly
Woman of the House       Michael Coleman

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