Mel Bay - MB98557M John McGann's

Mel Bay - MB98557M John McGann's
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This book presents standard fiddle tunes in basic form, then shows you how, on a... mehr
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This book presents standard fiddle tunes in basic form, then shows you how, on a phrase-by-phrase basis, the tunes can become vehicles for your own improvisations. It is designed to open the door to creating spontaneous variations, or improvisations, based on the melodic structure unique to each tune. Each tune in the book is presented first in its basic form, then with four variations. The variations are printed directly beneath the melody with the corresponding measures aligned, so that you can easily compare them to the original melody and to each other. The online audio features mandolin and rhythm guitar on separate channels, so you can turn off the lead and play along with the rhythm, or vice versa. Intermediate in difficulty.

Sprache Englisch

113 Seiten

Buch mit Online Audio

Basics of Theory - Mandolin
Basics of Melodic Structure
Articulation and Dynamics
About the Music
Flop Eared Mule
Old Joe Clark
Soldier's Joy
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Billy in the Lowground
Forked Deer
Blackberry Blossom
Salty Dog
Arkansas Traveler
Ragtime Annie
Fisher's Hornpipe
Fast Old Joe Clark
Fast Soldier's Joy
About the Author

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