MB98270BCD Ukulele Heaven

MB98270BCD Ukulele Heaven
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A wonderful tribute to the ukulele and its leading advocates, past and present. Contains... mehr
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A wonderful tribute to the ukulele and its leading advocates, past and present. Contains seventeen classics and eight new tunes as well as an in-depth historical essay illustrated with original sheet music covers. Classic selections include: Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula; Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go with Friday on Saturday Night?; All That I Ask of You Is Love; They're Wearing 'Em Higher in Hawaii; Sierra Sue; Any Time; Pasadena; Somebody Stole My Gal; Blue; and more. All tunes are shown with complete lyrics and chord diagrams. Includes a select discography of CD's featuring ukulele artists and a list of uke web sites.

Most of the songs heard in the feature film Stanley's Gig (2000) starring Faye Dunaway can be found in this book.
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  • A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody       Irving Berlin
  • All That I Ask Of You Is Love       Music:Herbert Ingraham Words:Edgar Selden 
  • Any Time       Herbert Happy Lawson
  • Blue       Music:Lou Handman Words:Grant Clarke & Edgar Lesli
  • Goodbye, Old Boy       Ian Whitcomb
  • Hi-Tiddly-Hi-Ti-Island       Leslie Alleyn
  • Lone Pine Blues       Ian Whitcomb
  • Mexicali Rose       Music:Jack B Tenney Words:Helen Stone
  • Moon Of Waikiki       Al Bernard & Russell Robinson
  • Moonlight       Con Conrad
  • Pasadena       Music:Harry Warren Words:Clarke & Leslie
  • Sierra Sue       Joseph B Carey
  • Somebody Stole My Gal       Leo Wood
  • Someday Sweetheart       John C Spikes & Benjamin Spikes
  • Story Book Farm       Ian Whitcomb
  • The Uke Is On The March       Ian Whitcomb
  • They're Wearing 'Em Higher In Hawaii       Music:Halsey K Mohr Words:Joe Goodwin
  • Twelve O'clock At Night       Music:Lou Handman Words:Billy Rose & Herman Ruby
  • Ukie's Tune       Ian Whitcomb
  • Ukulele Heaven       Ian Whitcomb
  • Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturd       George Meyer Lyrics:Sam M Lewis & Joe Young
  • Who Wants A Bad Little Boy?       Music:Joe Burke Words:Mark Fisher
  • Will I Feel Like A Fool (In The Morning)       Ian Whitcomb
  • Wurzel Fudge In London       Ian Whitcomb
  • Yaaka Hula Hickey Ula       E Ray Goetz, Joef Young & Pete Wendling
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