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MB21818M Flatpicking up the MB21818M Flatpicking up the
Melbay MB21818M Flatpicking up the neck by Jeff Troxel A thorough and practical approach to understanding the upper positions on the fingerboard for the flatpicking guitarist. Chord shapes, scale patterns, position studies, and...
20,95 € *
MB21509BCD First Jams Flatpick MB21509BCD First Jams Flatpick
The First Jam series was created to give children and beginners of all ages a book of simple, common tunes to learn. These are standard 'Jam' tunes in the Bluegrass / Old Time music styles. All the books in this series are written in the...
15,50 € *
SM5630 Bach for Flatpicking SM5630 Bach for Flatpicking
Bach für Flatpicking-Gitarre! Zunächst denkt man beim Spielen mit dem Plektrum an Stilarten wie Bluegrass, traditionelle Country Musik, Jazz, Blues oder Rockmusik. Dabei hat das Spielen klassischer Literatur auf der Steelstring-Gitarre...
23,95 € *
SM5610BCD Flatpickers Tunebook SM5610BCD Flatpickers Tunebook
Oliver Waitze, Multiinstrumentailist und Weltenbummler in Sachen Flatpicking hat in der vorliegenden Ausgabe 30 beliebte Spielstücke zusammengetragen. Nach bekannten Klassikern des Bluegrass folgen Gypsy und Swing Standards, Traditional...
22,95 € *
HL00696389 Flatpicking Guitar HL00696389 Flatpicking Guitar
Explore the essential songs of bluegrass and country guitar as played by Maybelle Carter and Jimmie Rodgers, and carried on by masters like Tony Rice, Norman Blake and Bryan Sutton. These ten lessons teach the basics of rhythm, from the...
23,60 € *
SM5600BCD Flatpicking Mastert. SM5600BCD Flatpicking Mastert.
Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Ragime, Celtic, Folk...dies sind die vielfältigen Spielarten der Flatpicking-Gitarre. Die Flatpicking-Technik steht für eine virtuose Spielweise mit dem Plektrum. Dies ist überaus reizvoll und eine Bereicherung...
27,95 € *
NGB106 Flatpicking Guitar for NGB106 Flatpicking Guitar for
NGB106 Flatpicking Guitar for the complete Ignoramus This FUN instruction book will get you playing forty old-time and bluegrass guitar tunes in no time flat! Wayne's many years of teaching guitar are evident on each page of this book....
26,50 € *
MB30115BCD Parking Lot Pickers MB30115BCD Parking Lot Pickers
The best way to learn a musical instrument is to play it as much as possible, and the most enjoyable way is with other musicians in a band setting. Trading songs, interacting with other instrumentalists, and building an ensemble sound...
19,50 € *
OK65142 Fiddle Tunes for OK65142 Fiddle Tunes for
Flatpicking guitar style delivers the clean, sharp solo sound that defined some of the greatest bluegrass recordings of the 1950s. Now you can learn to play famous fiddle tunes specially arranged for guitar. Each song includes...
12,50 € *
MB30110M Play like Doc Watson MB30110M Play like Doc Watson
Play Like a Legend: Doc Watson features transcriptions of his great guitar flatpicking recordings from the early 1960s until the 1990s. In addition, detailed explanations of special techniques such as Carter Plus soloing, using three...
29,50 € *
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