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MB96641 Norman Blake Anthology MB96641 Norman Blake Anthology
MelBay MB96641 The Norman Blake Anthology Deluxe Edition Flatpicking Guitar Magazine declares Norman Blake a legend, and includes him in the first name club on the Internet flatpicking news list. The Norman Blake Anthology offers...
30,60 € *
HL00695045 Tony Rice Bluegrass HL00695045 Tony Rice Bluegrass
Hal Leonard HL00695045 Tony Rice teaches Bluegrass guitar Tony Rice is known world-wide for his spectacular technique, brilliant improvisation and powerful soloing. In this lesson, he personally passes on to you the style he has...
31,50 € *
GOS101 Bluegrass Gospel Songb GOS101 Bluegrass Gospel Songb
This handsome 172 page book has over 100 of your favorite bluegrass gospel songs with lyrics, music (melody line), guitar chords, 100+ vintage photos, song histories, the roots of bluegrass gospel music, painless gospel music theory, how...
23,95 € *
HL00695931 Bluegrass Guitar HL00695931 Bluegrass Guitar
HL00695931 Bluegrass Guitar essentials Buch Learn the fundamentals of bluegrass by exploring its various styles and the masters who defined the genre: Doc Watson, Clarence White, and Norman Blake. The book includes background...
31,50 € *
HL00312317 Bluegrass Songbook HL00312317 Bluegrass Songbook
A comprehensive collection of nearly 50 Bluegrass standards expertly arranged for Piano, Vocal and Guitar. Songlist : Angel Band Ballad Of Jed Clampett Barefoot Nellie Big Spike Hammer Blue Moon Of Kentucky Blue Ridge Cabin Home Blue...
18,99 € *
GS2001 Duelling Banjos Banjo GS2001 Duelling Banjos Banjo
Duelling Banjos from Deliverance Noten und Tabulaturen für Gitarre und Banjo Duelling Banjos von dem Film Deliverance Based on Feudin Banjos written by Arthur Smith From the film Deliverance, all the fun of the movie's original...
8,95 € *
HL00699910 Bluegrass Vol 77 HL00699910 Bluegrass Vol 77
Hal Leonard HL00699910 Bluegrass Volume 77 Guitar Play along The Guitar Play-Along Series will help you play your favourite songs quickly and easily! Just follow the tab, listen to the Audio to hear how the guitar should sound, and then...
21,40 € *
OMB242 Toots and Twiddles OMB242 Toots and Twiddles
Hal Leonard OMB242 Toots and Twiddles American Tunes for any instruments 40 Saiten Sprache Englisch
10,95 € *
HL00641943 Guitar AllStar Blue HL00641943 Guitar AllStar Blue
Hal Leonard HL00641943 All Stra Bluegrass Jam Along Guitar These fabulous collections for players of all levels feature 21 must-know bluegrass songs & instrumentals, created especially for learning players by the genre's leading artists....
25,10 € *
HL00702394 Bluegrass Songs HL00702394 Bluegrass Songs
25 bluegrass standards in easy arrangements with tab. Sprache Englisch Songliste: Alabama Jubilee All The Good Times Arkansas Traveler Bill Cheatham Black Mountain Rag Blackberry Blossom Great Speckled Bird I Am A Pilgrim I Know You,...
12,50 € *
HL00695355 Fretboard Roadmaps HL00695355 Fretboard Roadmaps
Learn the essential patterns that all great guitarists know and use! This book with Audio Access pack will have you playing lead and rhythm anywhere on the fretboard, in any key. You'll learn chord-based licks, moveable major and blues...
17,70 € *
HL00123172 400 Smokin Blue HL00123172 400 Smokin Blue
Know only 20 Guitar solo licks? How about 50? 100? 200? If that's all, then you need this book, designed to help you improvise bluegrass style Guitar solos. These 400 licks are played over standard chord progressions; the use of licks...
20,95 € *
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