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2207 Intro to GypsyJazz Guitar 2207 Intro to GypsyJazz Guitar
Intro to Gypsy Jazz Guitar (Book/CD/DVD Set) 2207 by John Jorgenson 64 Seiten mit CD und DVD Sprache Englisch Intro to Gypsy Jazz Guitar provides the foundational information and practice material necessary for you to gain an...
48,50 € *
ML96655 Gypsy Guitar The ML96655 Gypsy Guitar The
As an introduction to the gypsy guitar we have gathered together a series of tips, tricks and techniques as used by the masters. This includes the accompaniment, playing solo and the tunes. All the exercises and music can be found on the...
20,95 € *
20157G Gypsyjazz Guitar Vol 1 20157G Gypsyjazz Guitar Vol 1
Alfred 20157G GYPSYJAZZ GUITAR VOLUME 1 Bertino Rodmann A TRIBUTE TO GYPSYJAZZ - EINFÜHRUNG IN DEN STIL DES JAZZMANOUCHE Rodmann, Bertino Dem Gypsyjazz-Gitarrist Bertino Rodmann ist es gelungen, eine authentische Einführung in den bisher...
25,95 € *
MB20014BCD L'Esprit Manouche MB20014BCD L'Esprit Manouche
This massive book offers a comprehensive study of the Gypsy jazz or Manouche guitar style as perceived by French guitarists Derek Sebastian and Romane, two of the finest modern day practitioners of the Django Reinhardt style. Each of the...
32,00 € *
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