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HL00699265 Celtic Guitar HL00699265 Celtic Guitar
HAL LEONARD HL00699265 Celtic Guitar Songbook Strum the chords and sing along with your favourite Irish songs in their original keys, complete with chords, strum patterns, melody and lyrics. Songs A Nation Once Again Black Velvet Band...
15,60 € *
MB97205M Celtic Back-Up MB97205M Celtic Back-Up
MELBAY MB97205M Celtc Backup for all instruments Chrsi Smith This book teaches the most crucial function of a chord instrument in the Celtic seisún (session)- that of playing tasteful, interesting, imaginative, and supportive improvised...
23,65 € *
SM7100 DADGAD Tuning SM7100 DADGAD Tuning
Diese Ausgabe bietet Ihnen eine grosse Anzahl wichtiger Akkorde und Tonleitern für die spezielle DADGAD-Stimmung: Die DADGAD Stimmung erffreut seit einigen Jahren grosser Beliebtheit unter den Akustikgitarristen, welche sich der...
15,95 € *
OMB84 Irish Session Tunes OMB84 Irish Session Tunes
Hal Leonard OMB84 Irish Session Tunes: The Orange Book contains more than one hundred Irish Dance Tunes and Airs, selected and arranged into Sets by Brid Cranitch. This collection contains a varied selection of widely played and lesser...
18,10 € *
Traditional Slow Airs of Irela Traditional Slow Airs of Irela
Hal Leonard Traditional Slow Airs of Ireland This book is a major collection of traditional Irish Slow airs that captures the essence and beauty of Irish traditional music. Included in the 118 airs that make up this fabulous compilation,...
18,10 € *
HL00701966 Irish Tunes Vol 137 HL00701966 Irish Tunes Vol 137
Guitar Play-Along Volume 137: Irish Tunes will help you play your favourite Irish songs quickly and easily. Just follow the tab, listen to the CD to hear how the guitar should sound and then play along using the separate backing tracks....
18,50 € *
AM23078 More Dubliners AM23078 More Dubliners
8,00 € *
HL09970700 Hot Peas + Barley-O HL09970700 Hot Peas + Barley-O
An exciting and informative collection of children's songs and games, all selected from the Scottish traditions since the 1950s, and complete with a CD of delightful accompaniments. From skipping songs and jump-rope chants to singing...
26,50 € *
HL00113683 ASAP Irish Guitar HL00113683 ASAP Irish Guitar
This quick guide to flatpicking Irish traditional music was written by Doc Rossi, a well-known citternist and guitarist in both traditional and early music. He's created this book for intermediate to advanced players who want to improve...
20,95 € *
HL00701965 Fingerpicking HL00701965 Fingerpicking
15 Irish Favourites arranged for solo guitar in notes and tab. The arrangements in this book are carefully written for intermediate level guitarists. Each solo combines melody and harmony in one superb fingerpicking arrangement. Dicey...
8,50 € *
MB96985 Celtic Guitar Encycl. MB96985 Celtic Guitar Encycl.
This comprehensive book contains over 100 Celtic tunes arranged for solo fingerstyle guitar. This edition is derived from a collection of nearly 300 arrangements Glenn Weiser has created over the last twenty years. The book is divided...
24,50 € *
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